For almost 45 years since 1973, Hanstool has maintained a position of leadership on manufacturing quality sockets, spanners screw drivers and all forms of hand tools

With a broad range of products spanning over 9000 individual items and sizes, there is a Hans Tool to suit all industries and applications.

Focus on quality is top of mind with Hanstool products built to DIN and ISO accreditation and quality standards – we stand by our tools with an exceptional limited lifetime warranty against faulty workmanship. You can rest assured with the knowledge that your tools have been precision engineered, built and backed by the manufacturer for life!



Hans Tool products are made for all industries including:  Aviation, Car, Truck, Marine, Petroleum Gas, Defense, Water, Telecom., Mining and other  Heavy duty Industries. Hans Tools is world class famous brand for professional & Industrial hand & air tools including sockets, torque wrenches & spanners , screwdrivers, bits , hex key, pliers, saw, cutters, hammers, tool sets, tool trays and tool trolleys. Hans offers the complete range of tools and sizing you need to get the job done.

Used around the world and now in Australia, Hans Tools
 have global coverage and support throughout Asia, Europe, Middle East, Russia, Ukraine, United States of America, South America, Africa & Oceania.




our customers say it best:
  • Hanstool products are solid trade quality products and have been great to use - as a marine mechanic for over 20 years I can highly recommend them. Thanks!– Brad B

  • I have purchased Hanstool socket sets, screw drivers and pliers for the engineering work I do. I love to tinker at home with quality tools and also require precision equipment as an engineer. The customer support has also been wonderful. I will be using Hanstools on my next project.–Sam O

  • As an avid DIY enthusiast and being mechanically minded, I looked far and wide for high quality professional tools that would do the job, never let me down and last a lifetime. Hanstools offers all of this are great value compared to other brands. My next hand tool purchase will be from Hanstools.–Steve L